Aventus Design Civil & Structural Engineers

Design and Build

We understand the benefits offered by Design and Build to Clients on certain projects and believe our pro-active attitude and innovative, cost effective design solutions make us ideal team members.


During the competitive tender stage we work alongside other members of the design and construction team to produce an economic, safe and buildable design solution.



Alternatively, we get involved much earlier in the life of a project and work with the Client during the conceptual stages and ultimately become novated Consultants to the successful contractor.


The benefits of this arrangement are twofold:


The Client benefits from our early involvement safe in the knowledge that we are aware of their requirements.


The Contractor inherits a Consultant with a detailed knowledge of the project and our philosophy to find the best design

solution, consider all options and explore all construction techniques.


Team Work

Design and Build is an environment where only the best can survive - Aventus Design can make a positive contribution to the team by continually striving to find the best design solution. While the successful procurement of a Project is not purely due to the Engineering Design Solution, we believe that as part of a team with similar ethics we will be successful.